Power tillage in prep for SOD

Landscapers – Ground prep for SOD

If you a embarking upon an instant turf installation project, you have a big job in front of you preparing ground for roll out of sod.

This is where our services can dramatically assist. The turf reseeder with the seeding unit deactivated and worked repeatably a certain way, becomes a hybrid between a power rake, a verticutter and a shallow hoe.
We are able to give ground the ideal preparation for lay down sod. In fact, we can save the whole expence of old lawn removal by mechanically working the ground. Now your SOD installation project is a whole lot easier.

Power tillage and harrowing

Our specialised Turf reseeding unit™ is a 3 in 1 machine. It’s an overseeder, verticutter and a power horrow unit and is ideal for working hard ground, power mulching old lawns or creating a fine seedbed. When used this way, its distinguishing feature is the evenness the worked ground is left ready for the next project stage.

Soil Aeration

Regardless of the primary requirement of using our Turf reseeding unit™, a key benefit is that by opening a slit in the turf and soil we are letting air in, promoting an aerobic environment conducive to plant growth.