Lawn grub

Lawn grub | cockchafer | insect control


Lawn grub or orange-headed cockchafer chewing out the roots of new grass can devastate lawns. Most lawn owners don’t recognize its existence or the damage it does to plants. It is so prevalent; it’s the first forensic test we dig for. We consider ourselves experts in cockchafer detection, lifecycle identification and eradication strategies.


Below is a list of preconditions and our probability estimate of cockchafer infestation:


  1. Property is located in Boroondara, Bayside, Stonington Glen Eira, Port Philip local government areas~ 60% likely
  2. Lawns are surrounded surrounded by deciduous leafy trees ~ 50% likely
  3. Have large deciduous leafy trees lining the street or near by~ 50% likely
  4. Have lawn irrigation~ 50% likely
  5. Have lawn irrigation and are prone to over watering~ 70% likely
  6. Have or see Black Beetle in the garden or on lawns, especially mid-September ~ 90% likely
  7. Have magpies, listening for grub movements then beaking for grubs~ 80% likely
  8. Find 8-10mm holes in lawn from magpies beaking for grubs~ 80% likely
  9. Have an evergreen lawn for Black Beetles to fly in and lay eggs~ 50% likely
  10. Have excessive thatch build up under moist soil conditions~ 50% likely
  11. Have the lawn opening up owing to individual plant mortality~ 70% likely
  12. Grass plants easily “pulls” from the soil~ 70% likely
  13. Have denuded lawn areas 400-900cm2 between plants~ 70% likely
  14. Find the lawn grub (cockchafer) in the garden bed surrounds~ 80% likely
  15. Find the lawn grub (cockchafer) and the adult black beetle simultaneously~ 100% likely


lawn grub

lawn grub | orange headed cockchafer


To eliminate lawn grub or orange-headed cockchafer, you have to break its breeding lifecycle. Insecticides are effective when applied after the black beetle has converged on your lawn to lay eggs. It’s the eggs and early larvae that you need to target by applying an insecticide from late September. The insecticide to use is Acelepryn. It is a non-scheduled insecticide so it is completely safe.

Reseedmylawn treat lawns for Lawn grub (orange headed cockchafer) with Acelepryn. Learn more about Acelepryn here.