About Us


About us

reseedmylawn.com.au is a new and innovative lawn renewal service and knowledge strategy promoting the utilisation of ‘warm season’ and reseeding of ‘cool season’ turf grasses.

Our aim:

We aim to pass on knowledge to Melbourne householders that a stunning new lawn is easily achieved, is rewarding to grow, and is now affordable at a fraction of the cost of an instant turf SOD renovation.


We have a lifetime of practiced field agronomy experience coming off a life science academic base. We’ve developed unique strategies, technology and know-how for stunning home lawn renewal at low cost.

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Our Turf reseeder™ machine is the only one of its kind. We’ve trialed, developed and retro-engineered the Turf reseeder™ while proving in-situ extra-ordinary turf grass establishment over a range of conditions.

Stunning results:

From start up in June 2014, we have achieved stunning results with grass renewal for home lawns, commercial turf and private green space. We have reseeded a great many household lawns throughout Melbourne, more than a dozen golf course greens, several school ovals and municipal green space assets.


Our business is unique and it’s a first. We are science and evidenced based having merged new technology, know-how, seed science, agronomy and education into a unique lawn renewal service.

Nature & environment:

We advocate environmental, soil and nature’s science. We endorse organic, biological and nature based methods.

Quality driven:

We use the latest premium turf seed varieties including patented RPR regenerating perennial ryegrass as used in our AFL stadiums. All seed is certified, the highest standard for seed quality. All soil remediation and aftercare products are professional turf grade.