Selling house | Beautiful lawns add 000’s to property prices

Selling house ? Most real estate agents agree that pristine, vibrant, new grass lawn areas substantially lift a property’s appeal, potentially adding tens  of thousands of dollars to the bid price. Read this daily telegraph article.

From late winter, new grass sown from reseeding  takes around 7-10 days to germinate. Within 14 days the green tinge is substantial. At around 21 days, grass is at the two leaf stage. At around 30 days the new lawn will due for its first nip cut promoting tillering. This is where the lawn fills in and increased in density. At six weeks, the lawn should be a well established and a beautifully dark vibrant green lawn.

selling house, reseed lawns

Santana Ana couch reseeded to Coliseum fine leaf perennial ryegrass

Establishing new lawns from late winter into spring is ideal.

Establishing lawn through early spring is ideal as increasing soil temperatures and lengthening days accelerate turf grass plant growth rates. Our reseeding technique, specialised machinery and choice of turf seed ensures that resident annual weeds are substantially impeded and struggle to compete with the speed of establishment of new turf grass. The end result is a beautiful new grass lawn with significant amenity and visual appeal. Give yourself 5 to 8 weeks for your lawn to fully establish.

Selling House. When is the best time to reseed lawn?

Regrassing the lawn areas by reseeding prior to selling house is not only a pragmatic option but one of the highest return on investments in marketing your property for sale. Speak with your property consultant and book our services before or as soon as you list your property.