Lawn forensics

On-site lawn forensic investigations

The heart of any lawn renewal strategy starts with an on-site forensic investigation. Our chief agronomist has 30 years of practiced field and turf agronomy experience working with numerous world leading life science, seed and agricultural and turf industries.

The line of enquiry includes:

  1. What is the householders’ objective for the lawn?
  2. What are the wear factors? Hyperactive dog? Kids? Walkways? Tramp?
  3. What is the lawns aspect? What grass types can be supported? Shade?
  4. What grass types are present and percentage coverage?
  5. What weed types are present?
  6. What is the soil type, limiting factors and remedy required?
  7. What are the limiting factors for grass growth? Soil nutrition? Non-wetting sands? Cockchafer grub? Moss and algae? Plant root and leaf diseases?
  8. What is the irrigation regime? Overwatering?
  9. A lawn renewal strategy – best options, where to from here, how and when?

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