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  1. Fraction of the cost of an instant turf installation

    Lawn reseeding™ makes a beautiful 4-season lawn within reach of every householder without the expence of a lay down turf installation that potentially can cost thousands.

  2. Turfgrasses with complimentary seasonal growth patterns

    Promoting the seasonal growth of the ‘warm season’ base grass in summer to late autumn and ‘cool season’ grass from late autumn to early summer makes perfect sense. Both grass types have complimentary growth patterns for the best year round lawn cover.


  3. Proven to work

    We are so confident with the success of our Lawn and Turf reseeding™ service that we offer a No Worries warranty (see conditions). Our lawn renewal results speak for themselves over a range of conditions, from heavy mountain clays, to heavily broad leaf weedy lawns, to dormant couch and kikuyu.  

  4. Agronomic approach

    Our approach is distillation of what we know best, that is agricultural, turf and lawn science; attained from 30 years of professional engagement within the Ag and turf industries. Each lawn renewal project comes with a different starting point, different client objectives, different seasonal conditions, different agronomic science; so we execute each lawn renewal project on its own individual merit.

  5. Latest technology

    We are accessing the latest technology for lawn renewal, from the the most advanced seeding machinery imported from Europe, the best performing turfgrass varieties, to grass renewal strategies adapted from the pastoral and professional turf industries.

  6. 60-Day unconditional No worries Warranty

    We now offer an unconditional No Worries Warranty on the establishment of all new lawns for the first 60 days.