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  1. Disclaimer

    Lawn renewal is an agronomic science. The information provided is sourced from the professional turf industry knowledge base. It is provided in good faith, considered accurate, although professional view points may differ. Summer drought, poor agronomic growing conditions and lack of lawn care will be detrimental to turf grass quality and persistence.

  2. Terms and Conditions

    Bayside Lawn & Turf Reseeding™ accepts no responsibility and shall be held harmless by the lawn householder customer for any errors, omissions, amendments, loss, damage, injury or other consequence whatsoever that any person or entity might incur as a result of engaging the services, or reliance upon information or advice provided Reseedmylawn™.

  3. Payment terms

    Same day –  Cash, EFT or ANZ FastPay™ for Visa, MasterCard or Debit cards.

  4. Basic fees estimate

    At present there is no charge for our lawn consultation, during which we will provide you with a customized lawn renewal strategy and point out the challenges of Sand belt soil-types. We also provide a quote for remediating the soil and lawn renewal. Obviously lawn renewal fees will range depending on the size and scope of your lawn renewal project. It worth pointing out the majority of the labour, machinery wear and materials goes into remediating the soil and preparing the site for reseeding. We aim for you to enjoy and retain your lawn long term. Please read All About Sand Belt Soils

    Our fee typically includes:

    1. An on-site lawn consultation and personalized lawn renewal strategy

    2. Selective weed control (24 hrs) prior to reseeding

    3. Removing the existing grass/weed canopy

    4. Full treatment for non-wetting (hydrophobic) soils

    5. Soil incorporation of complete slow release organic fertilizer & conditioner (up to 60 kg/100m2)

    6. Incorporation of beneficial soil microbes (Bactivate)

    7. Reseeding using our specialised slit seeder

    8. Manual seeding of perimeter edges and paths

    9. Rolling

    10. The latest elite certified turf grass varieties

    11. Site clean up

    12. Follow up inspection and advisory post establishment

    13. No worries establishment warranty.

    14. Establishing and growing your new lawn advisory

    15. Alerts – i.e. African Black Beetle / Cockchafer.

    We are pleased to provide you with a quote on-site and our consultation is free and no obligation.

  5. Premium turfseed

    We use the latest premium turfseed varieties supplied by the turfseed company. All seed is Blue tag certified, the highest standard for seed quality. We do not use uncertified or low grade agricultural seed varieties.

  6. Our No Worries Warranty

    No Worries Warranty Unconditional for 60 days during establishment

    We now offer a new 60-day unconditional No Worries warranty. That means if lawn establishment is sub optimal for any reason whatsoever, including pet damage, flood deluge, foot traffic, mower damage or a reseeding malfunction; we will remediate the area concerned at no charge to you throughout the warranty period. We inspect all our lawns frequently during establishment. If something is not quite right, we fix it. Sometime we act preemptively, like applying a fungicide if we suspect crown rot root fungus.

  7. FACT – Cost of watering

    FACT – Cost of Water

    To apply 10 mm of water to a 100 m² of lawn during a heat wave will cost $2.50– $3.60 (1 kilolitre).

    Source: South East Water (about the same cost as a can of VB or a cup of coffee).