Maze before and after

1. Commercial Turf Overseeding

Our service offering for commercial lawns, open spaces and schools falls under reseedmyturf™. We work with you as a soundboard, whilst you confirm the strategic objectives of the turf project with us. From there, we develop our method plan and action from there. It may be as simple as a straight reseed.

Current commercial reseeding projects

a. Enchanted Adventure Gardens, Mornington Peninsula

Late May, 2014, we reseeded one of Victoria’s most awarded tourist attraction, the Enchanted Adventure Garden on the Mornington Peninsula.

The entire maze and original lawn areas was reseeded (2500 m2) with turf-type perennial ryegrass with great success and in difficult circumstances. Old grass lawns had to remain in play for patron use, soils are resistant heavy red mountain clay with minimal topsoil, a steep east facing slope, heavily shaded and 305 m elevation and cold. Seeding between the meandering brick walkways in the labyrinth maze was a real challenge.

Fifteen days following reseeding (late May), new grass coleoptile and first leaf emergence was clearly prevalent within the diamond pattern reseeding slits. At 40 days, new grass filled in nicely. Cold, wet, shaded  growing conditions and continued traffic through July school holidays subdued new grass growth. Refer to the front page image carousel or news blogs for the photo sequence.

Citywide regrassing trials with Bayside Lawn and Turf Reseeding™ (reseedmylawn™)

We have undertaken a number of reseeding trials with Citywide Bayside who continue to support our developmental work.

b. Black Rock house reseeded with a full renovation

Black Rock House has been extensively reseeded, both the north and south lawns. The lawns were extensively denuded of grass cover with large areas of bare dirt, dormant couch and grassy weeds. The strategy here was for a more extensive renovation with aim of establishing new lawns  for the enjoy of Bayside residents. The renovation technique involved several passes of our Turf reseeder™. Notably, no prior or post weed control was undertaken.

Black Rock House reseeded

Black Rock house Front 14 days after reseeding

2. School yards and Ovals

Our Turf reseeder™ is ideal for regrassing school school yards and ovals, particularly for high traffic areas around goals, shaded slow growth areas, under trees and other high wear areas. Alternatively, the entire school oval couch or kikuyu base can be over sown to perennial ryegrass for the school year protecting the couch or kikuyu grass base whilst warm season grasses are in winter dormancy.

3. Golf Courses

Tee boxes, course remodelled areas, clubhouse surrounds, cart tracks and worn turf areas can be quickly Turf reseeder™ by  regrassing with perennial ryegrass or overseeded into the couch turf base. Alternatively, couch fairway areas can be overseeded at 2500m²/hr (one pass). Our Turf reseeder™ is a compact and powerful machine that is remarkably nimble, capable of getting in and around trees, bushes, benches, walkways and other obstacles: where a PTO driven Speedseeder™ will not go. Also, our specialised Turf reseeder™ demonstrates exceptional seed germination and establishment.

4. Municipal Ovals

Municipal ovals are invariably Santa Ana couch or Kikuyu. These ovals are heavily trafficked with cricket through summer-autumn with little break to the start of the football season. Most ovals are professionally autumn overseeded with ryegrass, however, the Auskick, training and match day foot traffic severely limits new perennial ryegrass establishment, particularly at seedling emergence.

Our Turf reseeder™ will reseed 2500m²/per hour or a 15000 sq metre oval in 6 hours ( 1 day) for one pass. The Turf reseeder™ is not a tractor PTO driven cone seeder which is the common machinery used by municipalities.  Our Turf reseeder™  is hydrostatically driven and cuts a slit at 50 mm intervals depositing the seed at depth under the couch surface.

High wear areas such as goal squares are a particular candidate for turf reseeding™. Oval reseeding is best undertaken in early autumn to enable new ryegrass to establish, tiller and take hold well before the football season.

5. Soccer Pitches

Soccer pitches are ideally suited for turf reseeding. A soccer pitch can be reseeded with the Turf reseeder™ in around 2-3 hours for one pass. The advantage of our technique is that the seed is placed at depth for ideal seed wet up, germination and establishment.

6. Public amenities and Parklands

Municipal public amenity lawn areas and parklands are often neglected  for budget and pragmatic reasons, one of which is suitable overseeding machinery. Our Turf reseeder™ is a compact and powerful machine that is remarkably nimble, capable of getting in and around trees, bushes, benches, walkways, pavements, guttering and other obstacles.

7. Lawn Cemeteries and private parks

Lawn cemeteries and private park lawn areas can be completely renewed by Turf reseeding.

8. Lawn areas for business and corporate locations

Lawn areas for corporate and business locations are often neglected and make an immediate business statement. Lawn renewal from Lawn and Turf reseeding creates a lasting  impression.

9. Verticutting and Dethatching

The Turf reseeder™ with the seed unit deactivated, is the ideal verticutter and dethatcher, particularly for early summer couch grass. The warm season grasses can be verticut and dethatched to a depth of 37 mm with 50 mm row spacing on a single pass or double passed either in parallel or at a 45 degree angle. For Golf course fairways our  machine will verticut/dethatch at  2500 m²/hr travelling at 5 Kph.

10. Deep Banding Fertiliser

Our Turf reseeder™ is unique, capable of deep banding fertilizer direct into the primary root zone of turf whilst verticutting. Turfgrasses stimulated by verticutting, can respond immediately to the applied nutrition, quickening the response time for turf leaf, rhizome and stolon development. The Turf reseeder™ also offers a fungicide and insecticide application direct into the root zone to remedy pests and root borne diseases.

11. Novel Species Seeding

Native grasses, flowers, exotic plants, cereal grain, small legume seed, pastoral grasses, tree and bush seed can be planted with the Turf reseeder™, either overseeded or into a fully cultivated seed bed.

12. Trial plots, Ag field days

The Turf reseeder™ is ideal for experimental and demonstration field plots for both agricultural and turf situations. It is suitable as a tillage implement quickly cultivating the ground making an ideal seed bed ranging from small seed like hybrid couch, lucerne and clover seeds to larger seed such as tall fescue, wheat, barley and oats.

The benefit of the the Turf reseeder™ is that it completes the whole operation fast. It is a all-in-one implement, aggressively cultivating a seed bed prior to the final seeding passes. It means more area can be prepared, reseeded and faster.

13. Landscapers – Ground prep for SOD

If you a embarking upon an instant turf installation project, you have a big job in front of you preparing ground for roll out of sod.

This is where our services can dramatically assist. The Turf reseeder™ with the seeding unit deactivated and worked repeatably a certain way, becomes a hybrid between a power rake, a verticutter and a shallow hoe.
We are able to give ground the ideal preparation for lay down sod. In fact, we can save the whole expence of old lawn removal by mechanically working the ground. Now your SOD installation project is a whole lot easier.

14. Power tillage and harrowing

The Turf reseeder™ is a 3 in 1 machine. It’s an overseeder, verticutter and a power harrow, ideal for working hard ground, power mulching old lawns or creating a fine seedbed. When used this way, its distinguishing feature is the evenness the worked ground is left ready for the next project stage.

15. Soil Aeration

Regardless of the primary requirement of using the Turf reseeder™, a key benefit is that by opening a slit in the turf and soil we are letting air in, promoting an aerobic environment conducive to plant growth.