Soil problems

Soil remediation | microbial inoculation | non wetting sands | soil problems

For turf grass to thrive, soil problems need to be rectified. Sub optimal soil conditions (soil problems) for plant growth include:

  1. Non-wetting hydrophobic sands
  2. Very low organic matter (OM) content
  3. Excessive OM content (root thatch)
  4. Lawn grub | pathogen spore
  5. Low water holding capacity
  6. Low soil structure
  7. Low microbial activity for mineralization
  8. Deficiency in macro and trace elements
  9. Waterlogging | poor drainage
  10. Compaction | poor aeration
  11. Weed seed contamination
  12. Builders/painters works contamination
  13. Excessive soil pH
  14. Gravel and concrete
  15. Sodic or saline conditions
  16. Lack of topsoil
  17. Moss and algae growth

We have a range of machinery, remediation products and strategies to treat soil problems once identified. If required, we simply bring in clean topsoil and re-level and lightly roll to establish good growing conditions for plant growth.

Properties of soils in Melbourne’s sand belt