Commercial Turf Overseeding

Before and After

Reseeding private open space

Our service offering for commercial lawns, open spaces and schools falls under reseedmyturf™. We work with you as a soundboard, whilst you confirm the strategic objectives of the turf project with us. From there, we develop our method plan and action from there. It may be as simple as a straight reseed.

Late May, 2014, Bayside Lawn and Turf Reseeding™ reseeded one of Victoria’s most awarded tourist attraction, the Enchanted Adventure Garden on the Mornington Peninsula.

The entire maze and original lawn areas was reseeded with turf-type perennial ryegrass with great success and in difficult circumstances. Old grass lawns had to remain in play for patron use, soils are resistant heavy red mountain clay with minimal topsoil, a steep east facing slope, heavily shaded and 305 m elevation. Seeding between the meandering brick walkways in the Labyrinth maze was a real challenge.

15 days following reseeding (late May), new grass coleoptile and first leaf emergence was clearly prevalent within the diamond pattern reseeding slits.
At 25 days post sowing, new grass growth is now substantial, aggressively filling in the old lawn. A successful lawn renewal project.