Instant lawn cost |Cost of instant lawn | $ cost to lay

Below is a list of critical steps to consider laying instant turf

  1. Knockdown weed control (kikuyu & couch)
  2. Turf cutter hire and labour
  3. Manual cut out to paths and perimetres
  4. Lift and Bin hire
  5. Council bin permit
  6. Rotary hoe
  7. Trash rake out/labour
  8. Picking stones out
  9. NPKS  and trace element fertiliser
  10. Treatment for non-wetting sands
  11. Incorporation of organic fertiliser
  12. Insecticide for cockchafer control
  13. Profile levelling
  14. Sod purchase and delivery
  15. Sod laying
  16. Rolling
  17. Clean up.

Overview of instant lawn cost and the critical steps of laying down instant lawn. A substantial part of the cost is preparatory.

The table below overviews the instant lawn cost or summary cost of laying down instant lawn.

For a 50m2 lawn budget on $2000, for a 100m2 lawn budget on $3500. Add 25% if you want to fastidious.

Lawn area Estimated cost
square metres (m2) $/m2
20-50 $55-60
70-100 $45-50
120-300 $35-40
instant lawn cost

Removing the old lawn adds significantly to the instant lawn cost.