16Apr 2018

The Ventrac aerovator seeder is the ideal implement for school oval renovation. The implement tynes agressively vibrate to fracture the underlying soil structure to  relieve compaction. The operator has complete control of how aggressively the soil is worked. Combined with the seed box, the Ventrac becomes the ideal implement for overseeding large greenspace areas, effectively burying […]

22Jun 2017
lawn seed lawn

Instant lawn cost | Cost of instant lawn | $ cost to lay Before you discount lawn seed, consider the list of crucial steps laying instant turf. After all, instant turf can be an expensive exercise, you don’t want your new turf to die, deteriorate or become weed or disease infested, so you need to be […]

21Jun 2017
couch overseeded to ryegrass

Selling house | Beautiful lawns add 000’s to property prices Selling house ? Most real estate agents agree that pristine, vibrant, new grass lawn areas substantially lift a property’s appeal, potentially adding tens  of thousands of dollars to the bid price. Read this daily telegraph article. From late winter, new grass sown from reseeding  takes around 7-10 days […]

19Jul 2016

School sports ground renovation (image gallery)   School sports ground renovation These pictures tell the story of a successful School sports ground renovation. This rugby field was virtually all cabbage leaf size cape weed before our work commenced. The image gallery shows the before and after images of Fountain Gate Secondary College newly renovated rugby pitch.  

24Nov 2014

  Seeded kikuyu is a great option for turf establishment through the warmer months from November to February. It is established from seed unlike instant turf SOD which is established vegetatively. Regal StayGreen® is the most suited seeded kikuyu variety  for lawns, school ovals and turf surfaces. It can be established from bare earth to full coverage in under […]

10Aug 2014
RTF plant

Rhizomatous Tall Fescue – RTF® photo: courtesy of Barenbrug USA What is RTF® (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue) ? Tall Fescue makes one of the most durable and visually appealing lawns available. They are noted for their rich emerald green colour, deep-rooted drought tolerance and soft texture.  More recently, turf breeders developed a variety coined RTF® (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue). RTF® […]

23Jul 2014
grass growth curves

Seasonal growth curves for warm season and cool season turfgrasses. The below illustration demonstrates the growth curves for warm season turfgrasses (Kikuyu, Buffalo and Couch) Vs the Cool season turfgrasses (ryegrass, tall and fine fescues). The grass base of most Bayside lawns are Couch, Kikuyu and more recently soft leaf Buffalo, otherwise known as WARM SEASON turfgrass. These grass […]

05Jul 2014

All about warm season and cool season turf grasses The grass base of most Bayside lawns are Couch, Kikuyu and more recently soft leaf Buffalo, otherwise known as WARM SEASON turfgrasses. These grass types have excellent heat and drought tolerance and reproduce from runners, rather than seed. In full sun, they grow actively in Bayside’s sandbelt from early […]

04Jul 2014

Citywide regrassing trials with Bayside lawn and Turf Reseeding. Bayside Lawn and Turf (BLT) Reseeding have recently undertaken reseeding trials with Citywide Bayside. The two nominated trial sites are Banksia reserve, home of the Beaumaris Sharks football club and Black Rock House on Ebden avenue. Banksia Reserve reseeded trial plot At Banksia reserve, a 100 square meter plot was […]