Lawn grub feeding on the roots of lawn

Lawn grub feeding on the roots of lawn


Lawn grub cockchafer feeding on lawn grass roots

Image shows lawn grub otherwise called orange headed cockchafer feeding on the grass roots of established lawn. The grubs shown are third instar mature grubs prior to burrowing deeper where they pupate emerging as a black beetle in springtime usually mid-September for Melbourne.


What to do if you have lawn grub?

To eliminate lawn grub or orange headed cockchafer, you have to break its breeding lifecycle. Most pesticides are ineffective when the grub reaches the mature third instar stage. Insecticides are effective however,  applied  when the black beetle as converged on your lawn to lay eggs. It’s the eggs that you need to target by applying an insecticide from late September. Once the eggs hatch, the first instar grub is formed followed by the second instar, then third. Insecticides are effective for killing beetle eggs and the grubs early development.

Insecticides to use for lawn grub or cockchafer control

The insecticide to use is Acelepryn, available from professional turf suppliers. Learn more about Acelepryn here.  Acelepryn is a non scheduled insecticide so it is completely safe. It also has greater efficacy and a longer control period against cockchafer grub. Imidichloprid is the next best insecticide that will do the job but you have to be far more targeted and timely with application. Warning : Do not use Chlorpyrifos. It’s an organo phosphate compound that should not be used in a household environment. Chlorpyrifos also stinks to high heaven. Learn more about chlorpyrifos here.


How do I get my lawn treated for lawn grub | cockchafer | black beetle?

Reseedmylawn treat for lawn grub , otherwise known as orange headed cockchafer and also the adult Black beetle. Acelepryn is expensive and only comes in a 750 ml pack, making it non economic to purchase to treat one lawn. The better solution is to get reseedmylawn personell to treat your lawn. We are able to provide the best diagnosis and treatment plan and it fair value.